Privacy notice

The following privacy policy and terms are construed as part of the terms and conditions of use of Your privacy is important to Matjery website. Therefore, we developed a "privacy policy" that covers the way we collect, use, reveal, transfer and store your information.


Collection and Usage of Personal Information

You may be requested to provide your personal information at any time you use Matjery website. Matjery website may share these information with parties of the purchase process and use them in accordance with this privacy policy.


How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

  • The personal information we collect allow us to notify you about the latest Matjery advertisements and products, and upcoming events. Your personal information also help us make, develop, transfer and improve our products, services, content and advertisements. We also use personal information to prevent loss of information and protection against fraud.
  • We may also use personal information for internal purposes such as data auditing and analysis, search, and improving Matjery products and services with customers.


Safeguarding and Reliability of Personal Information

Matjery website makes safeguarding, maintaining and updating your personal information an easy process. We will keep your personal information during such period to complete the purposes stated in this privacy policy, unless the law allows or requires us to preserve these information for longer period.


Accessibility to Personal Information

You can help maintain the accuracy, integrity and updating of contact information by signing into your account on Regarding other personal information that we keep, we will make such information accessible to you for any purpose, including requesting you to correct inaccurate data (if any) or delete the data if storing it is not required by Matjery website under the law or for legitimate business purposes. We may refuse processing biased applications, or applications that may jeopardize the privacy of others, completely unpractical applications, or applications inaccessible by any other way under the State's applicable laws.